How long will it take my order to be approved

First time purchases can take up to 24hrs.All purchases after your first will be instantly credited to your account.

can i purchase with one payment processor and cashout with another

yes you can purchase with any payment processor that is available in site links and cashout with another these options are shown on the withdraw page in your account menu.

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where can i earn from PTP

We currently do not have PTP on our site


Why was my account deleted

only 2 reasons to why your account was deleted

1. You deleted your own account which you can do at anytime

2. You clicked the bot link which deletes or suspends your account this is clearly marked.

Trouble Viewing Our Site

If your are having trouble normally after an update you might need to clear your browser.

How To Request CashOut Using Solid Trust Pay

to use solid trust pay to withdraw your earnings for account ID you must use your solid trust pay USERNAME.

Requesting payment using Perfect Money

To use perfect money as a cashout option please use your account id in the form as follows.

Uxxxxxxxxx the x being your account number

I have maxed out my referreals

Standard members have a 100 referral max If you wish to get more referrals you will have to delete your inactive referrals which you can find in your account menu under your referrals or another option is to upgrade your account


When do the ads reset

ads will reset at 00:00 server time this can be found on the top of the home page

Still having trouble? Contact us here.

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